Extending Kinect USB Cable

How to make your Kinect cable longer, create a Kinect extension lead


Kinect Extension Cable

Is it possible to Extend the Kinect USB cable?

For original Xbox 360 owners with a separate Kinect power and USB data cable, extending the USB cable can be a problem. According to Microsoft you cannot simply use a standard USB extension cable, you will need to buy a dedicated Microsoft Kinect extension cable.

In the real world people have had some success with standard USB cables. It seems that up to 8ft, a good quality USB cable will sometimes work. Anything over 8ft and Kinect will more than likely fall down at the calibration stage.

Extending Kinect beyond 10ft

The Microsoft's Kinect extension cable is 10ft in length and Kinect's own cable, just 7ft in length. So what are your options if your system needs more than 17ft of cable?

Microsoft do not have a solution for this, so to extend beyond 17ft you will need to look at USB 2.0 High-Speed Active Extension cables. Unlike passive extension cables, an active extension cable contains electronics that buffers the data going in and out to insure that the signal always meets the USB 2.0 standard.

In testing, a 'daisy chain' of active USB cables has been used to extend the Kinect cable up to 30ft, that's a total of 37ft. Take a look at the video below where they test a 16ft extension cable.


  • You cannot simply use a standard USB cable to extend Kinect
  • Microsoft recommend using their own proprietary 10ft USB Extension cable
  • Multiple active cables can be used to extend up to 30ft
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