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Frequently asked questions for the Xbox 360 console


How to stream music and video with your Xbox 360

If you want to stream music and video from your Windows PC to your Xbox 360, it's never been easier. You no longer need extra software to stream to the Xbox 360; Windows Media player 11+ takes care of everything.

  1. Requirements: Windows Vista with Media Player 11, or Windows 7 with Media Player 12
  2. -If you don't already have it, get the latest version of Windows Media Player from the Microsoft website and install it
  3. To configure WMP 11; Turn on media streaming from the Stream menu
  4. - then turn on media streaming. Label your media library, click OK
  5. To configure WMP 12; Right click Library, click Media Sharing, click Share my media, OK
  6. - Select Sharing Settings, locate your Xbox 360 device
  7. - Click Xbox 360, click Allow and then click OK
  8. To Play music: Click the Guide button on your Xbox 360 controller. Go to music and select Xbox Music
  9. To Play videos: Click the Guide button on your Xbox 360 controller. Go to Film & TV and select Xbox Video

How to Transfer profiles between Xbox 360 consoles

Before you star you will need to have some sort of external memory device. Microsoft do offer an official memory unit that can be purchased from most game retailers, however there are cheaper 3rd party options.

  1. Plug the memory Unit into the Xbox and turn it on
  2. Wait for the Xbox dashboard to load up, when it has go to the Systems section and choose the memory option
  3. The next screen will give you a choice of the available storage options, click the one your profile is currently saved on
  4. Then you need to select the gamer profile option
  5. Select the gamer profile you would like to move and chose the move option
  6. Then select the storage device you want to move the profile into, in this case onto the external memory unit
  7. You will then be asked to confirm the move
  8. Once you have confirmed the move the profile will be moved onto the external memory unit
  9. Take the external memory unit out of the console it is currently plugged into and plug it into the new console that you want your profile moved on to
  10. Now just repeat the previous procedures for all profiles you need to move

How to change your Xbox 360's faceplate

One of the customisations you can make to your Xbox is to change the faceplate, this is the plastic cover at the front face of your Xbox 360. You can buy all sorts of limited edition faceplates from shops or online and you may want to buy one and change yours, so here's how to do that.

  1. To insert the new faceplate the old one has to be removed
  2. So turn of the Xbox making sure the disk tray is closed and all memory units are removed
  3. Now locate the release slot (If the Xbox 360 is stood upright in the vertical position it is located at the bottom)
  4. Pull the release slot until the faceplate unclips, removing the old faceplate
  5. Unpack the new faceplate and make sure nothing is obstructing the faceplate and the Xbox
  6. Align the faceplate to the Xbox and push until it clips in
  7. That's it, you're done

How to connect a Wireless controller to your Xbox 360

Connecting a Wireless controller is harder than it sounds especially if its the first time you are doing it and are not familiar with the Xbox 360 or networking in general.

  1. Take the controller you wish to connect and move it relatively close to the Xbox you wish to connect to (doesn't need to be too close but you do need to press buttons on both controller and Xbox so we recommend holding the controller at all times)
  2. Turn both the controller and the Xbox on by pressing the power buttons
  3. If the Xbox controller is new or out of range from the console it is currently connected to, the four lights will flash. If it isn't new and is in range of the Xbox it is currently connected to then it will connect to it, this does not matter either way
  4. Now both are turned on there is a small white or black button located next to the memory unit slots on the Xbox, and you need to press this
  5. The lights on the Xbox around the power button should be flashing one at a time going round in a circle
  6. Now on the Xbox controller press the small white or black button on the top of the controller
  7. The same light pattern will appear on the controller
  8. Wait a few seconds and the controller will connect to the console
  9. If your controller did connect to another Xbox then its best to go turn that Xbox off at the mains

Deprecated: How to use Windows Media Connect on your Xbox 360

Windows Media connect is an application you can install on your PC to allow you to access media such as music, pictures and videos directly from your PC.

  1. Before you start, you will need to install Windows Media connect to your PC. This can be downloaded from Microsoft here
  2. When you have installed Windows Media Connect, turn on your Xbox and wait for the dashboard to load up
  3. When the dashboard loads, go to the Xbox Guide section and select the media option, then choose either music or video
  4. You will then have a few options of where to look for your media, in this case click on the computer icon
  5. A message will then appear telling you to install Windows Media Connect on your computer if you haven't already
  6. If at this point you haven't installed it you cannot continue. Install the software before clicking continue
  7. After clicking continue you need to select a Windows Based computer to connect to
  8. Go to your computer now and open up the control panel (can be found under the Start menu)
  9. In the control panel click on windows media connect, or click on the sounds, audio and speech devices and then click windows media connect
  10. Click these devices and then select the Xbox 360 you are trying to connect to
  11. If the Xbox 360 shows a denied message in red, you will need to click allow to authorize it
  12. When you have finished this last step, you're done. You will now be able to connect to your PC using Windows media connect
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