Which XBox 360 Should I buy?

Which XBox 360 Should I buy? We take a look at the current Xbox 360 model range


Which XBox 360 Should I buy?

Note: This page has now been re-written. Which Xbox 360 Version is right for you, not sure? Take a look at our updated xbox 360 guide to see which version to choose.

Which Xbox 360 Version is right for you, not sure? Xbox core vs the Xbox full (pros and cons)

Xbox 360 Premium Version: Xbox 360 Console, 20gb Hard Drive, Wireless Controller, Ethernet Cable, HD AV Cable And Headset

Why should you buy the Xbox 360 Full Version:

  • Includes everything you need to get the full Xbox 360 experience, including HD cables, Ethernet cables, a remote control and a wireless controller to avoid tangled cables
  • The value of the accessory bundle is much greater than the £70 difference in price
  • The Full Version also includes an Xbox Live headset, so you can get online and chatting immediately
  • Xbox 360 Core system lacks essential storage accessories that you'll have to buy anyway
  • The 20GB hard drive will enable you to play some old Xbox games
  • The Xbox 360 Full Version is the only console package that comes with the chrome DVD tray
    Premium Xbox 360 consoles
XBox 360 Premium

Xbox 360 Core Version: Xbox 360 Console, force feedback Wired Controller And Composite TV Connection and Scart Adaptor

Why should you buy the Xbox 360 Core Version

  • Some people might not need all of the accessories straight away. For example if you don't have a HD TV, why pay extra for the HD cable?
  • Better accessories such as a rumoured 40GB hard drive might be available later in the system life cycle
  • You don't care much about the chrome DVD tray and certainly don't want to pay extra for it
  • You could save the £70 and spend it on games!
  • Doesn't require AA batteries for the controller or a play n charge kit
  • The Core is easier to come by than the Premium
    XBox 360 Arcade
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