Kinect has problems with Mexican Wolf Boys

Dreadlocks are also a non-starter


Kinect has problems with Mexican Wolf Boys

Kinect may have wowed the audience at E3, but some minority groups are not impressed with the new technology.

During E3, Juan Gonzales aka The Mexican Wolf Boy tried Kinect for himself. Despite working perfectly for everyone else in the line (apart from that guy with the crazy dreadlocks), Juan could not get the game to steer properly.

"I was so humiliated, it takes a lot of courage for me to attend any type of public event. I try my best to blend in and then this happens!", remarked Gonzales who is covered from head to toe in thick black hair, as a result of a congenital disorder.

Gimp mask did not help

Gonzales did not give up on Kinect that easily. During his first attempt he had been wearing an off white Crystal Gayle T-shirt and tight blue Mexican wrestling pants. In an attempt to cover up some of his copious, matted hair and salvage his dignity, Gonzales tried again This time he wore his friend's shiny PVC tunic and black leather gimp mask, but this was all to no avail. Kinect just did not want to play ball with the follically over endowed Mexican.

Kinect racist?

Screw Microsoft, Screw Kinect!

At this point Gonzales just lost it completely, "I give up!", bellowed the infuriated wolf boy, "Screw Microsoft, screw Kinect, we don't all have pasty hairless faces like Bill Gates! I'm going to stick to playing my Wii as it's less judgmental. Kinect sucks the big one!"

Only time will tell just how many other minority or religious groups will be shunned by Kinect.

Be warned if you look the slightest bit abnormal, Kinect may not work for you.

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