Wayne Rooney forced to change Wazza10 Xbox Gamertag

Wayne Rooney is forced to change his Xbox Gamertag after fans discover him on Xbox Live


FIFA 10 Rooney Wazza 10Wayne Rooney, the Manchester United striker has been forced to change his Xbox Live Gamertag after fans discovered the true identity of Wazza10. Yes, Wazza10 AKA Wayne Rooney could regularly be found online playing a certain football (soccer) game and it wasn't Pro Evo.

Fans were hassling and bombarding him with messages apparently, forcing him to change his Gamertag to... well you'll have to find that out for yourself, but as this is Rooney we're talking about, it could be Wazza11, Shrek10 or maybe GrannyGrabber10?

"My Gamertag name used to be Wazza10 but I had to change it when too many people found out it really was me.", Rooney said during a FIFA10 press event, "I still play FIFA regularly online though."

FIFA 10 cover boys

It's interesting that EA chose Rooney to feature on the cover of their new game FIFA 10, given his image. We thought it would be interesting to take a look at which players were on the cover of FIFA 10 in other countries. In Germany Rooney appears again, but in the background this time, with Schweinsteiger up front. In Spain they have Xavi up front with Benzema in the background. This is an interesting choice by EA, we were surprised that they didn't pick £80 million Ronaldo to front this cover. Maybe they couldn't afford it.

  • UK - Wayne Rooney with Frank Lampard and Theo Walcott behind
  • Germany - Bastian Schweinsteiger with Wayne Rooney behind
  • Spain - Xavi and Karim Benzema behind

FIFA 10 UK Cover FIFA 10 German cover FIFA 10 Spain Cover

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