Xbox 360 Star Wars Console

Information on the new Xbox 360 Star Wars console


Microsoft have finally done something interesting with the Xbox 360 console. Designed to coincide with the launch of Star Wars Kinect, the new Star Wars console is styled one of the saga's main characters R2-D2, the controllers are gold and themed on the robotic character C-3PO.

The Star Wars bundle, released 03/04/2012, includes a 320GB console, a copy of the game, Star Wars Kinect and a white Kinect sensor.

Xbox 360 Star Wars Console Price

In the UK, the price for the Xbox 360 Star Wars console is £349.99. However, this is just the RRP. Take a look at our price comparison table for discounts and offers on the Xbox 360 Star Wars console.

Xbox 360 Star Wars Console Prices

Golden Xbox 360 C-3PO Controller

Based on C-3PO himself, the shiny gold Xbox 360 controller is as bling as you can get. Expect to find these fetching a premium on eBay soon.

Xbox 360 C-3PO Gold Controller

Star Wars SFX

The Star Wars console features what Microsoft are calling Star Wars SFX. This will add R2-D2 whistles and vocalisations to mundane tasks like powering the console on and ejecting discs. There's also another subtle change, the ring LEDs are blue instead of green.

Xbox 360 Star Wars Bundle side view
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